About FabFierceFerocious


FabFierceFerocious is a blog where you can read about Fabulous fashions,Fierce gossips and Ferocious talents in Malaysia.Our vision here is to create a new community that is fashion alert and knows more about Malaysia's Entertainment industries such as Film & Music.We also want to help build up confidence in people by helping them promote their talents on this very blog.

FabFierceFerocious main focus is fashion.We want to let people know things that is happening inside the fashion industry either local or international.We wan to educate people to be more fashion forward and understand the real meaning of fashion.

Other than that, FabFierceFerocious also wants to expose Malaysian people to the entertainment industry inside our country.We want people to support and voice out their thoughts of our local films and music.We also want to help open our people perspective of our local films and music by creating our own lifestyle consisting of Fabulous fashion,Fierce music and Ferocious films.We want to help create a community that no longger ruled by the westerners. as we are Malaysian and our community should be better than them.

So,with your support and help,we can together help rebuilt of whats left in our entertainment and fashion industry.Help create a new and modern Malaysia.