Saturday, May 21, 2011

Eat Eat Eat Healthy!!!!!!!

Allright people.
Today Im gonna write in Malay since this post will be dedicated to the Malaysian people.

Okay.Ape khabar semua?


Hari nie I nak bercakap mengenai Pemakanan.Yes I am an addict when it comes to eating healthy.
Ok.kita semua tau yg kita ade piramid makanan kan kan kan?
Tapi I bet x ramai yg ikut piramid tu sebab semua takut tu propaganda Illuminati la,Free Mason la.
kan kan kan??Hahaha.Just Kidding.

Beberapa hari yang lepas ni,I ade buat sedikit reading about Carbohydrates.or Karbohidrat in malay.

Korang selalu kan tengok cite Om Puteh yg gedik gedik seperti Mean Girls,High School Musical 1,2,3 ,dan macam macam lagi kan?

Dan korang mesti perasan yg bebudak perempuan hot hot dalam cite tu,(Selalunya blonde),akan cakap macamnie."Oh my god!Are you eating carbs?" or macam nie "I am so not eating that!Do you know how much carbs in there??" or selanjut nya lah kan..
Sebenarnya,Karbohidrat ade 3 Glycemic Index level.
ha..baca nie.



iaitu,Karbohidrat GI(Glycemic Index) Tinggi-GI 70 dan keatas
Karbohidrat GI sederhana-GI 56-69
Dan Karbohidrat GI rendah.-GI 55 dan kebawah.

So korang nak tau kan yg mana satu nak pilih.
Karbohidrat GI rendah adalah karbohidrat yg paling bagus.

Contoh makanan yg mengandungi Karbohidrat GI rendah ialah

Fruits(kecuali Tembikai)
Wholemeal Bread

Contoh makanan yg Tinggi GI ialah

Nasi Putih
Mee hun
Roti Putih
Kentang(x kira la masak camna pon)
Dan apa apa yg dibuat dari tepung gandum putih.

Ape yg korang dapat kalau korang amal kan diet GI rendah?
Anda akan:

Maintain berat badan bg yg kurus,
Hilang berat badan bagi yg gemuk,
Jerawat semakin kurang
(Point ni paling I suka.sebab memang betul.Bila dah seminggu x makan nasi,Serious jerawat kurang.)

Risiko mendapat diebetes akan kurang.
Risiko mendapat sakit jantung berkurang.
Stress Berkurang
Dan macam macam benda positif lagi.

So kalau korang rasa nak sihat,nak kurus,nak cantik.Amal kan la diet nie.100% guarentee yg korang akan rasakan perubahan.
I bukan suruh korang berhenti makan sedap sedap.
Sebenarnya kalau korang amalkan diet nie pon,korang still boleh makan sedap.
Korang still boleh makan sausages,nugget,ayam goreng,ikan,or daging.
Apa yg beza nya ialah korang x makan nasi.
Makan lauk je bak kata orang orang tua.

Hahaha..okay la people.Dah penat kalau korang nak dengar,dengar la.kalau xnak I x susah pon.cuma berkongsi saja uolls.Hahaha.allright.bye.

Stay Fabulous,
Be fierce,
Be Ferocious.


Friday, April 22, 2011

The Opera-KL:BB

As you all heard,Social community KL:BB is organizing their 2nd event which is called The Opera~
Check out the poster!

Edited by Effindi Kamaruddin.

What is KL:BB about??

Well,as you all know....or dont,KL:BB is a community group created to suit everyone from a fashion lover,Outdoor maniac,Sporty dudes and even the Stay At Home Boy.It is a social group that has positive values in it.As a social community,we do gatherings and events that will tigten the  bond between each and every members.Long make short,We are like family.

So,what is The Opera about?

The Opera is the second biggest Event that is organized by KL:BB.The gathering will be held in Port Dickson.It might sound like a normal Annual Dinner or Prom Night but it is not.
Not like others event,this event is held in PD for a specifiq reason which is to relax and enjoy at the same time.

Why PD?

Eventhough PD is not the best beach to go to,It is the nearest to KL.
Take this as a Quick Vacation of your study,work or the Busy life in KL.
This is once in a while opportunity for you to relax and have a little fun with your beloved friends,or maybe boyfriend.
Other than that,This is the time for you to show a bit of what you are to the community without being scared of what people may think of you.
It is an ALL OUT event.
You can be as free as you want to be or as wild as you can ever be.
This is your chance.
Join us by going to KL:BB facebook page.

See you guys there!

Love,Effindi Kamaruddin.

Our Accommodation:Residence Desa Lagoon Resort Port Dickson.
Book your place now.

Friday, February 25, 2011

It Takes A Legend To Make A Star.
Yeah you guess it right!

It's a really good movie.
What is it about?
Its about a girl who can sing who used to work in a restaurant who suddenly realize that she has more in herself than just to serve people pancakes everyday.
So,where she went?
NEW YORK ofcourse!

And there is where she met Cher,owner of a showgirl club called Burlesque.
Love it or not.
Yes,you will see a bunch of girls jumping and kickin on stage with a corsets and tutus on.
Well,I do enjoy the show you know.

If you are a fan of Christina Aguilera and Cher,
I suggest you go watch this!
Its a hell of a showgirl show!

ps:i think this post is so boring.I need to get used to writing blog again.haihh..

Come Back!

Hey Guys!!!

It had been a while since the last time I updated this blog.
Life been hectic recently.
But hell!!Who cares??!

So,I havent done any research or topic to post for today.
And there is no big event coming.
Well,other than the salvatore feragamore show that i did recently(backstage ofcourse),
I've been sitting in my room like crap!or crab.ahaha.

Ok guys!I just wanted to say hi and tell u that im still alive.LOL.
I'll be updating this blog more often starting from today.
Love you!