News and Opportunities

To those who feels like trying the modelling world, and dont have any experience,we will be willing to help you.We can take your photos and edit them free of charge.You can make yourself a portfolio by printing those pictures and then use them for interview.

Doing amateur photoshoots is a good way to help you built up your confident through pictures.You will also learn the technique on how to pose infront of a camera.With good editings and a little hocus pocus, you will look like a model on a magazine's cover!!.

We did photoshoots before with our main models, Raihanna and Noel.You can see their photos in my Facebook profile.

To anyone who likes to volunteer,you can contact me through facebook by adding me and sending me a message.My email is:

How to Volunteer:

1)Add me on facebook
2)Send me a message  -
    for example: Title: fabfierceferocious-photography


3)I will take a look at your profile and pictures.
4)I will contact you by sending you a message.

p/s:For now we only do outdoor shooting.Studio shoots maybe on its way.:)))
notes: Do not send me a message via msn.I probably wont get it.Use Facebook.