Friday, April 9, 2010

Fashion WEek @ Midvalley!!!!!

Can You believe this????
Midvalley is doing its own FASHION WEEK!!!
Starting from 7th until 18th of April this year!!
They got tons of fashion show for you people..
Stop reading this blog and Freaking go to Midvalley now!!!
They have barbie fashion show, A Cut Above Fashion Gala,(yes,A Cut Above is a hair salon,Wonder what their dresses are made of..You think??lol) and a lot more..
You wouldnt want to miss this would you??
So grab your purse,,,no no,,grab your father's wallet, and get yourself going to the MidValley Fashion Week!!
And spend your dad's cedit card to the limit!!!
Everything is for FASHION..
lOVE Fabfierceferocious...
As usual..,here are the click.>>>

NEW FaCes Of M.A.C

Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper are the new faces of M.A.C..(a wide range of make-ups)
I just found out about it when I went to KLCC today..haha..
I was walking on the concourd level and passed near the M.A.C store..
I was surprise to see Lady Gaga on the wall inside..
How beautiful she is!!

Here is the new poster of M.A.C:

Monday, April 5, 2010

My preview on EVOLUSI KL DRIFT 2

Sorry for the late comment guys..
I've been bz..
but worry not..i watched the movie and here is my preview....

The movie is quiet start slow but than rapidly got me exited..The action in this film is superb and undoubtful brilliant...The story line is nice and easy to understand..even kids can understand the way it starts and ends...

The actors and actresses are just simply great and talented...especially Aaron Aziz his acting made me jumpy during the movie..I couldnt stay put because his gangsterly characteristic is so real..
He also speaks chinese in the movie..And i think he is a malay right..

The other guy with the samurai sword is also a good actor..his evilness shows and effect me feeling of disgust toward him..

Scha..,if im not mistaken her name is...acted as a women with strong will and determined..she likes to drift..and she talk like a guy too..haha..but her love love part in the end is really touching..i shed some tears during the movie..but i am not sure wether the tears come from the feeling or because i

The hero..,
non other than shamsul yusof, had contribute as much to the movie..
His spirit and hardwork during the making has finally shows a satisfying result..
He shows that he can, not only direct..,but act at the same time..
U can imagine how it must be tiring for him..

and score is..:

4.5/5-Hell yeah it is worth watching in the cinema!!

Wont get the same feeling if watched at home..

The Downside..

The cars in this movie seems to be bulletproof..especially aaron's car..even shoted several times but still remain untouched..

so i minus 0.5 for the details..

But overall, It is one of the best films with an international quality made with Malaysian Budget..

Friday, April 2, 2010

Kelly Clarkson-Live In KL..

Why??Why must it be like this..?

I've been waiting for years for Beyonce..But instead of coming to Malaysia.,she rather plays her video phone and Lady Gaga's Telephone...And not to forget killing a bunch of idiots in a Pub somewhere in the U.S and A.

Well, atleast Kelly Clarkson is going  come to this Country..yeah..You got that right!!
And No,She is not here to enter the Malaysian Idol..
She is here to perform..Singing ofcourse..,dont expect her to do a magic Trick or something..Because if she does..,she'll be leaving this country in a box or vase..haha..just kiddings.No She does not have a Talent In doing the laser Illusion..Go ask my friend if u wanna see one..

Now where was I?
Ahhh..yes..Kelly Clarkson is coming to Malaysia all of her fans..who love to listen to her songs..such as 'Behind The Hazel Nut','Because of 'U',  'Since You've Been Corn' or even 'Flyaway,Breakaway' song..You definitely wont want to miss her live in Malaysia!!i wish its beyonce....T_T..

Here are the Details....:

Date          : 25th April 2010
Venue        : National Stadium Bukit Jalil
Admission  : RM98-level 3 free seatings
                   RM138-numbered seatings(block 224,225,228/211,229)
                   RM198-numbered seatings(block 226,227/107)
                   RM288-numbered seatings(block 114,115/B)
                   RM338-numbered seatings(block 1 & 2)
                   RM358-FREE STANDING(ROCKZONE)

follow this link to view the seating map >>>

Tickets can be purchased at any axcess counter..Preferably at LOT 10-inside TOWER RECORD...:))

ARGH!!!Shoes FesTival!!!

Yeah!!The shoes Festival is on!!
But what the He||..I couldnt make it today!
Hell yeah I love shoes.Although i cannot wear them..,which is necessarily true..(I know some of u guys might think.."betul ke nie??entah entah..)

One of my favourite thing to do during shopping is looking at shoes...Wondering what can I do with an 8 inches Stiletto Heels other than wearing it obviously..If only i have some enemies that i can kill with them.It will be a really great news..try to imaginE..Headline of a newspaper.'A GROUP OF GANGSTERS WERE KILLED USING AN 8 INCHES STILETTO HEELS'..and the second part would be.'WOMEN ARE ENCOURAGE TO WEAR STILETTO HEELS FOR SAFETY REASONS'..haha..
My friend posted on facebook that she gotta meet Jimmy Choo in person..I am so jealous!!and feels like there is a hole punctured through my chest..haha..I hope Jimmy Choo will still be at the shoe carnival this Sunday..I will definitely take picture with him..and if given the opportunity..,take a pair of shoes with me..haha..

Whatever I am swearing about..Here is the Detail for the Shoe Carnival:

Date: 2nd-4th April 2010
Venue: Putra World Trade Centre
Time: From 'Open-Close'..haha
How to Get There: By Your own Car
                              By Public Tansportation: Use the Star LRT. 

P/S: You dont have to read the '..haha..' part..haha.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Hell no!!haha..this is my first time writing about sports,especially soccer/football.Well,since FIFA World Cup is coming, so why not right?

If your are wondering,"is he really gonna write about soccer?"..Well,the answer is, yeah i am gonna write about soccer but in my own perspective of it.Not the usual "who scores the most last night" talk.haha.

Ok.Lets talk about the player.Hell yeah I know some of the players...!!Especially when they are always on the news because their wife is a singer from spice probably dont know who im talking about.It is none other than the handsome, posed nude on a calender, David Beckham!! favourite soccer player.If you wanna talk about the usual soccer stuff, then im going to reply only two words to you."David Beckham"..You can try and see.I remember one day when i stumbled upon a sports page on the newspaper which was emblazoned with a picture of his wife.That totally got me reading.Victoria Beckham went shopping in france when her husband was playing on the field.Something i couldnt forget from a sports page.But if you show me the "lipat" that he did on a match last night, i'll probably forget about it in just a few

Another famous name that I know is Christiano Ronaldo.Apart from his amazing perfomance on the field, his lifestyle off the field is quiet amazing.Lots of controvercial pics of him can be founded over the internet.!!His is so sex appealing and an eye candy too.Not so long ago,rumors had it that his nude pic was all over the internet.without wasting my time,i went on for the search and i found it.haha..

Another name that im familiar with is Kaka.I obviously donno why but i heard his name mensioned by one of my friend.i guess his name is too easy to remember.haha..

I think thats all i know about soccer, other than the ball is to be kicked inside the oppenent's goal to gain 1 point which has a goal keeper who keep away the ball from his goal.haha.Yeah.thats all i know about soccer.haha.

and now..,a few eye candies for you readers out there.Have a blast FIFA this year!!
had to cencor that pic..sorry!!haahaha.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


As you all know, FabFierceFerocious love to support people either in their everyday life or their career life.Recently,the x-protoge of Jaclyn Victor,non other than Hael Husaini, has came up with a new single which had recently been played on ERA.FM.Im writing this blog to invite all my readers to lend us your ear just for a minute or two and listen to his beautiful voice.

It is undoubtly that he got a very talented voice.Strong and powerfull just like his mentor.Malaysia need someone like him to enhance its music industry which is not in a good state nowadays.Show him some support because he really does have an awesome voice and an undoubtful talent.SUPPORT MALAYSIAN MADE.

Our Film Industry

As we all malaysian knows today,we produce alot of film compare to the time of our ancestor.But only a few are up to the supposed quality of today's world.Film's producers or directors shall need to be more commited in producing and directing their film so that the film produced is at a fine quality instead of just some old boring flicks.People nowadays expect more than just the story line.They want nice pictures,creativity,real action in movies today.The BIG question is 'are producers and directors today can cater to their needs'?

What I see today is half of the film industry is up to the chalenge but the other half is just too close minded to do so.They focus more on money instead of the quality of the film.The shoot film for a few weeks and use computer generated image(CGI) for the explosion and stuff just to save their budget.That is not what I call a high quality film.Example of high quality film are:


This  high budget film has WOWed a lot of viewers including me myself.The first film was a Blast! and the second one is even better.The good thing about this film, both the first(RM2m) and second one(RM2.7m), is that it doesnt use any Computer Generated Image(CGI) for the explosions and other actions.The drifts in this film are real and even the explosions are real too.Rumors had said that the first one supposedly contain explosion scene in Putrajaya.But it was denied by the city council, and so it was cancelled.But matter not about the past as the second one contain more than just one real EXPLOSIONS.And i dare say that they are just Awesome!!FabFierceFerocious co-operation with has allowed me to attend the drift show held by the SKOP PRODUCTION & Grand Brilliance just recently before the movie was on screen.Lot of people came and autograph session was held during that particular day.So people out there,U must not miss watching this movie on the big screen.Because the actions are simply worth it.And if u think of watching the movie at home on TV..u wont just feel the same.


This is my favourite movie above all of the malay movies ever been showed in malaysia.The quality of this film has exceed my expectation and left WOWed for several days.My biggest regret is that I missed it on the big screen.This film is directed using a RED CAMERA by Apple.It is a HD video cam instead and not a film.It is also the camera used to shoot the 'Jumper' movie.this fime is directed by Bernard Chauly and was produced by 4 persons.It is just a 'cant get enough' movie.And i will not forget the fabulosity and all the Louis Vuiton used by the actress.The CGI in this fim is so perfect making us think that there are really on a cruise ship when they were actually on land.All I can say about this movie is "AMAZING!".

Those two movies are the only movies that i can remember ryte now.So,my advice to all the directors,and producers.Take an example of these two beautiful films.Increase the quality of our film industry so that one day it will become one of the best in the world.Show us something amazing and we will have your back!!