Friday, February 25, 2011

It Takes A Legend To Make A Star.
Yeah you guess it right!

It's a really good movie.
What is it about?
Its about a girl who can sing who used to work in a restaurant who suddenly realize that she has more in herself than just to serve people pancakes everyday.
So,where she went?
NEW YORK ofcourse!

And there is where she met Cher,owner of a showgirl club called Burlesque.
Love it or not.
Yes,you will see a bunch of girls jumping and kickin on stage with a corsets and tutus on.
Well,I do enjoy the show you know.

If you are a fan of Christina Aguilera and Cher,
I suggest you go watch this!
Its a hell of a showgirl show!

ps:i think this post is so boring.I need to get used to writing blog again.haihh..

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