Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Jeffree Star the Cunt Princess

Jeffrey Lynn Steiningeror known as Jeffree Star is an American model, fashion designer, make up artist,dj and singer-songwriter whos trangender appearence has attract so many people.Although Star doesn't have any breast or vagina, he is considered a women by many of his fans.Star never actually want breast or vagina(although he did a photoshoot with fake one) because he never consider of changing his sexuality.He is more comfortable being a man wearing women's clothing rather than having his penis cut-off.

His courage of doing what he likes inspire other people to pursue their own dream.He never ask anybody to become like him and frequently said that its not easy being as popular as him but he does insist people in achiving their lifetime's goal.

Star revealed that he realized that he was gay at a very young age.Star was left alone with his mother as his father died in his childhood days.As his mother was a working model, Star was  exposed to beautiful women's stuff such as clothes,make ups and accessories.He started experimenting with his mother's make-ups while his mother was out working.

At the age of 15, Star started his career as a make-up artist and became and "underage gender-bending club kid" wearing make-up to school and dying his hair in day-glo colours while cross dressing which then attract a lot of attention from people around him.

He then became a make up artist for 'alt porn website' and also GodsGirl. Star became more famous when he posted outrageous pictures of himself on internet forums and later myspace who began sending him gifts including expensive camera asking him to take more pictures of himself.

Later on, he began doing his own music after being persuaded by his friends. As an electronica and hip-hop vocalist star started writing his own songs which then uploaded them onto myspace.Not so long after that,Star released his debut album which titled 'Plastic Surgery Slumber Party' which was not available on CD. His music career was a success and he was becoming popular. One year after that, Star released his sophomore extended play with the title 'Cupcakes Taste Like Violence' which then was available on CD as well as Digital Download.

On september 22 2009, Star released his debut studio album "Beauty Killer".His first single, 'prisoner' which was available for digital download, received 2 millions plays on its second week being available for stream.Star's other singles were also a success just like his first single and receive millions plays on myspace.

Other than his career in music and make up artists, Star also has his own printed t-shirts available on the internet. He also made guys underwear with the word cunt emblezoned at the front part of it.Almost all of his products were sold out after being on the internet for a very short time.

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