Friday, October 9, 2009

Photogua The Fallen Photographer

Photogua was once a very famous photography studio which had shoot many of our local stars including Liyana Jasmay and Aleeza Kasim.
Many had ask about what had happen to the studio.
The truth is that it had shut down.Permenently or not, it is not for sure.
The studio has no longer taking any photography jobs from people.
Why does this hapen?
Suprisingly to say, it was planned to be close only for a period of time as the main photogarapher who is none other than Hael Husaini himself had entered the Mentor competition.
But as Hael Husaini came out of the competition, the studio remain forever close.
Why does this happen?
Could the studio which used to be sponcered by Ima Shariza(Owner of has gone bankrupt?
Only the owner and the crew knows what had exacly happen.
The studio's work had really impress me and make my mouth hang wide open.
The photograpers of the studio are all very professionals.
Their works were mainly arts and its hard to find such a beautiful photographs nowadays.
Their mesmeraizing photographs though can still be found on ( while Hael Husaini's work can be found on (
It is such a shame for Malaysia to lose such talented photographers.
Is there any possible way for photogua tu be reopen.
Maybe there is.
With the support from the community and a little encouragenments from the government, it could be possible for them to be open.
But whatever it is, the truth remains behind the closed doors.
Either they are planning to open soon or not, no one else know.
But nevertheless, Fabulous,Fierce and Ferocious!! will sooner or later uncover the hidden truth of the studio.
For now,  only conclusion can be made.
Stay with Fabulous,Fierce and Ferocious!! in order to know what really happen to the amazing studio oh Photogua and its photographers.

Until then,
Fabulous,Fierce and Ferocious is going to go hunting for more juicy gossips in Malaysia..

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