Thursday, April 1, 2010


Hell no!!haha..this is my first time writing about sports,especially soccer/football.Well,since FIFA World Cup is coming, so why not right?

If your are wondering,"is he really gonna write about soccer?"..Well,the answer is, yeah i am gonna write about soccer but in my own perspective of it.Not the usual "who scores the most last night" talk.haha.

Ok.Lets talk about the player.Hell yeah I know some of the players...!!Especially when they are always on the news because their wife is a singer from spice probably dont know who im talking about.It is none other than the handsome, posed nude on a calender, David Beckham!! favourite soccer player.If you wanna talk about the usual soccer stuff, then im going to reply only two words to you."David Beckham"..You can try and see.I remember one day when i stumbled upon a sports page on the newspaper which was emblazoned with a picture of his wife.That totally got me reading.Victoria Beckham went shopping in france when her husband was playing on the field.Something i couldnt forget from a sports page.But if you show me the "lipat" that he did on a match last night, i'll probably forget about it in just a few

Another famous name that I know is Christiano Ronaldo.Apart from his amazing perfomance on the field, his lifestyle off the field is quiet amazing.Lots of controvercial pics of him can be founded over the internet.!!His is so sex appealing and an eye candy too.Not so long ago,rumors had it that his nude pic was all over the internet.without wasting my time,i went on for the search and i found it.haha..

Another name that im familiar with is Kaka.I obviously donno why but i heard his name mensioned by one of my friend.i guess his name is too easy to remember.haha..

I think thats all i know about soccer, other than the ball is to be kicked inside the oppenent's goal to gain 1 point which has a goal keeper who keep away the ball from his goal.haha.Yeah.thats all i know about soccer.haha.

and now..,a few eye candies for you readers out there.Have a blast FIFA this year!!
had to cencor that pic..sorry!!haahaha.

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