Friday, April 2, 2010

ARGH!!!Shoes FesTival!!!

Yeah!!The shoes Festival is on!!
But what the He||..I couldnt make it today!
Hell yeah I love shoes.Although i cannot wear them..,which is necessarily true..(I know some of u guys might think.."betul ke nie??entah entah..)

One of my favourite thing to do during shopping is looking at shoes...Wondering what can I do with an 8 inches Stiletto Heels other than wearing it obviously..If only i have some enemies that i can kill with them.It will be a really great news..try to imaginE..Headline of a newspaper.'A GROUP OF GANGSTERS WERE KILLED USING AN 8 INCHES STILETTO HEELS'..and the second part would be.'WOMEN ARE ENCOURAGE TO WEAR STILETTO HEELS FOR SAFETY REASONS'..haha..
My friend posted on facebook that she gotta meet Jimmy Choo in person..I am so jealous!!and feels like there is a hole punctured through my chest..haha..I hope Jimmy Choo will still be at the shoe carnival this Sunday..I will definitely take picture with him..and if given the opportunity..,take a pair of shoes with me..haha..

Whatever I am swearing about..Here is the Detail for the Shoe Carnival:

Date: 2nd-4th April 2010
Venue: Putra World Trade Centre
Time: From 'Open-Close'..haha
How to Get There: By Your own Car
                              By Public Tansportation: Use the Star LRT. 

P/S: You dont have to read the '..haha..' part..haha.


  1. Jimmy choo tinggal kat malaysia la..

  2. haha. THE friend is ME. hahaha.