Monday, April 5, 2010

My preview on EVOLUSI KL DRIFT 2

Sorry for the late comment guys..
I've been bz..
but worry not..i watched the movie and here is my preview....

The movie is quiet start slow but than rapidly got me exited..The action in this film is superb and undoubtful brilliant...The story line is nice and easy to understand..even kids can understand the way it starts and ends...

The actors and actresses are just simply great and talented...especially Aaron Aziz his acting made me jumpy during the movie..I couldnt stay put because his gangsterly characteristic is so real..
He also speaks chinese in the movie..And i think he is a malay right..

The other guy with the samurai sword is also a good actor..his evilness shows and effect me feeling of disgust toward him..

Scha..,if im not mistaken her name is...acted as a women with strong will and determined..she likes to drift..and she talk like a guy too..haha..but her love love part in the end is really touching..i shed some tears during the movie..but i am not sure wether the tears come from the feeling or because i

The hero..,
non other than shamsul yusof, had contribute as much to the movie..
His spirit and hardwork during the making has finally shows a satisfying result..
He shows that he can, not only direct..,but act at the same time..
U can imagine how it must be tiring for him..

and score is..:

4.5/5-Hell yeah it is worth watching in the cinema!!

Wont get the same feeling if watched at home..

The Downside..

The cars in this movie seems to be bulletproof..especially aaron's car..even shoted several times but still remain untouched..

so i minus 0.5 for the details..

But overall, It is one of the best films with an international quality made with Malaysian Budget..

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