Friday, April 9, 2010

Fashion WEek @ Midvalley!!!!!

Can You believe this????
Midvalley is doing its own FASHION WEEK!!!
Starting from 7th until 18th of April this year!!
They got tons of fashion show for you people..
Stop reading this blog and Freaking go to Midvalley now!!!
They have barbie fashion show, A Cut Above Fashion Gala,(yes,A Cut Above is a hair salon,Wonder what their dresses are made of..You think??lol) and a lot more..
You wouldnt want to miss this would you??
So grab your purse,,,no no,,grab your father's wallet, and get yourself going to the MidValley Fashion Week!!
And spend your dad's cedit card to the limit!!!
Everything is for FASHION..
lOVE Fabfierceferocious...
As usual..,here are the click.>>>

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