Friday, April 2, 2010

Kelly Clarkson-Live In KL..

Why??Why must it be like this..?

I've been waiting for years for Beyonce..But instead of coming to Malaysia.,she rather plays her video phone and Lady Gaga's Telephone...And not to forget killing a bunch of idiots in a Pub somewhere in the U.S and A.

Well, atleast Kelly Clarkson is going  come to this Country..yeah..You got that right!!
And No,She is not here to enter the Malaysian Idol..
She is here to perform..Singing ofcourse..,dont expect her to do a magic Trick or something..Because if she does..,she'll be leaving this country in a box or vase..haha..just kiddings.No She does not have a Talent In doing the laser Illusion..Go ask my friend if u wanna see one..

Now where was I?
Ahhh..yes..Kelly Clarkson is coming to Malaysia all of her fans..who love to listen to her songs..such as 'Behind The Hazel Nut','Because of 'U',  'Since You've Been Corn' or even 'Flyaway,Breakaway' song..You definitely wont want to miss her live in Malaysia!!i wish its beyonce....T_T..

Here are the Details....:

Date          : 25th April 2010
Venue        : National Stadium Bukit Jalil
Admission  : RM98-level 3 free seatings
                   RM138-numbered seatings(block 224,225,228/211,229)
                   RM198-numbered seatings(block 226,227/107)
                   RM288-numbered seatings(block 114,115/B)
                   RM338-numbered seatings(block 1 & 2)
                   RM358-FREE STANDING(ROCKZONE)

follow this link to view the seating map >>>

Tickets can be purchased at any axcess counter..Preferably at LOT 10-inside TOWER RECORD...:))

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